Stella Umbra

Medieval and Folk Music

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Experience the captivating world of medieval, Scandinavian, and Celtic folk music.

Medieval Music

Experience the enchanting melodies of liturgic and folk music from the medieval era.

Scandinavian Folk

Immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant sounds of traditional Scandinavian folk music.

Celtic Folk

Get swept away by the hauntingly beautiful tunes of Celtic folk music.

Diverse Instruments

Enjoy the unique blend of hurdy gurdy, violin, cittern, nickelharpa, drums, mandolin, and bagpipes.

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Experience the Magic of Medieval and Folk Music

Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of Stella Umbra, a folk band that specializes in medieval, Scandinavian, and Celtic music. With a unique blend of traditional instruments such as the hurdy gurdy, violin, cittern, nickelharpa, drums, mandolin, and bagpipes, Stella Umbra takes you on a musical journey through time.

Common questions

Here are some of the most common questions that we get.
What type of music does Stella Umbra play?Stella Umbra plays mostly medieval music (liturgic and folk), scandinavian folk, and celtic folk.
What are the main instruments used by Stella Umbra?The main instruments used by Stella Umbra are hurdy gurdy, violin, and cittern. They also occasionally use nickelharpa, drums, mandolin, and bagpipes.
Where can I listen to Stella Umbra's music?You can listen to Stella Umbra's music on their live events. Popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Youtube Music and Apple Music are yet to come.
Does Stella Umbra perform live concerts?Yes, Stella Umbra regularly performs live concerts. Check their website or social media for upcoming concert dates and venues.
Can I book Stella Umbra for a private event?Yes, Stella Umbra is available for booking private events. Please contact their management for more information and availability.